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Newsletter 1/5/23

Question of the Week: How has CTeen impacted you in college? 


CTeen Alumni Response Below:

Ashley D: Cteen made me feel more connected to my Judaism and inspired me to get more involved. Ever since my first shabbaton I felt like I wanted to do and learn more. Since Cteen I got very involved in chabad on campus as I am on the board and attend every Shabbat. Furthermore I took Sinai scholars classes, JewishU classes, went on birthright and a trip to Poland. I am excited to continue my Jewish studies and expand my knowledge. Thank you to Cteen for showing me how special it is to be Jewish and that my neshama shines through.


Jessica L: Cteen has taught me more about the Jewish culture and makes me encouraged to go to chabad more often.


Hannah S: My experiences with CTeen brought me deeper into my Judaism. All of the social events, community outreach, farbrengens, and friendships I made molded me into a person who is proud to be Jewish! CTeen has positively impacted my time in college and I have continued exploring my Judaism through Chabad on Campus. Going to a college where we are not given time off for Jewish holidays, I have learned to advocate for myself to professors, something I never would’ve done if not for CTeen. I am forever grateful for my time in CTeen and the lessons I have learned.


Sarah S: Cteen‘s impact on me is truly immeasurable… Cteen inspired me to grow closer with my Jewish roots and take on new Mitzvot I never imagined such as dressing modest, lighting Shabbat candles, and praying. The leadership skills and morals I learned as former Cteen Leader and President prepared me for the position I hold today- I am honored to represent Penn State’s Chabad on Campus Undergraduates as the President for the second year in a row! I am forever grateful to Cteen and will continue spreading the message of light and holiness to my friends, family, Chabad on Campus, and Penn State community!


Halle Z: CTeen impacted my decisions and life in college because it made me want to become more involved in Jewish life once I got to college. Being apart of CTeen and seeing how much I loved it made me make sure I had access to a Hillel once I got to college. Once I got to college, it encouraged me to join the board of my Hillel!



Attached fo the newsletter are the updated January, February, and March “Calendars of Events”. Attached are also photos from past CTeen events that we know you will love! Have a great rest of your week and Good Shabbas!







CTEEN West Suffolk County





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