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Newsletter 11/3/22

Hey Guys! This past Thursday in Cteen was so fun and relaxing! We started off the evening with a Cteen Board meeting where we discussed how we want the next few months to go and any ideas we all had to make this year even better. As people started coming in for the event we moved down to our amazing Cteen lounge where we just hung out and ate pizza and snacks (which is my favorite kind of dinner.) This week was very special because we got so much input from all the other teens on how we can improve events, our lounge, and Cteen in general. I think my favorite part of the night was when everyone came together and figured out how to give the lounge a complete makeover! Everyone's interior design skills really shined through! As everyone settled down into a big circle we started talking about the upcoming shabbaton and upcoming events. We took questions and we all had such a fun time. Not only was this night just a fun time to hang out with friends but it was also so important and influential to the rest of our amazing Cteen year! Even though this year just started, I know its going to be amazing and unlike anything before. I am so glad we were able to ask all the other teens for advice and input and I can't wait to see how we can improve even more!

-Talia Mishkin

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