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Newsletter 12/8/22

    Hi Ben here!! I have recently joined CTeens and am very proud to say that I believe that I have found a new family. My friend Bryce had asked me to join him in CTeens and I blindly agreed and I did not and still don’t regret that decision. The Tri-state Regional Shabbaton was a weekend meant to empower and bring forth the feeling of togetherness between the 18 chapters that had come for the Shabbaton, sadly I contracted Covid-19 right before the Shabbaton but I was able to see the long lasting feeling of happiness the members of CTeen have received from the events in the Shabbaton. These events included a candle lighting program for the girls, a shabbat meal, nature walk, master chef tournament, and finally the long awaited visit to the American Dream Mall and Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park.  CTeens had recently thrown a feast called Friendsgiving, this brought the members of CTeen and volunteers of the Friendship Circle together under one roof to enjoy a grand feast that ended up in a great big bang filled with joy, happiness, and friendship between the CTeens and Friendship Circle. Even though I was sick for the Shabbaton and missed a major event I still feel like my experience with the CTeen group had already exceeded my already high expectations for the group, these expectations were exceeded to a certain extent that I feel like I may have set them too low even though this one of the highest expectations I ever had for anything and everything. CTeens have truly brought forth a better person in me that I thought didn't exist by letting me speak louder, clearer, and be less shy then what I used to be. Sadly this is when I must leave you for I must attend to other CTeen matters, see you next time!!! :)

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