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Newsletter 12/22/22


We asked our CTeeners what their favorite aspect of Chanukkah is and they responded with: 


Abbey S: My favorite aspect of Chanukah is lighting the menorah because it reminds me of the miracles that occurred! I also love the CTeen Chanukah events we have had where I can share my love if Chanukkah with everyone! 


Breanna A: I love lighting candles, playing games, and spending time with family and friends. I love learning the reasons behind Hannaukah and how others celebrate!!


Rayna K: Chanukah is a beautiful holiday in which people are able to rejoice with one another, light the menorah, attend a public menorah lighting ceremony with the local community, and spread kindness into the world. The flame on individualized candles represents a spark of illumination and uplifting energy, making us feel good. Specifically, my favorite part of Chanukah is seeing the pure emotion of happiness on peoples’ faces. From eating latkes, gelt, and sufganiyot, spinning dreidels, and gift giving and opening, there is nothing more special than the smiles and laughter people have during the jubilant eight days of the holiday. I love lighting the menorah with family or friends as well dancing and singing to Chanukah songs. Additionally, the prayers said when lighting the candles (ie: the shehecheyanu at the start of the holiday) enable me to feel a true spiritual connection to G-d. Chanukah makes me feel b’simcha knowing I can make a positive impact on the lives of others and seeing their faces beaming with joy.


Upcoming CTeen Events

December 22 at 7:00pm : Chanukkah latke feast and wrapping gifts for children in need 


February 23-26 : CTeen International Shabbaton


Chanukah Wish

On behalf of CTeen West Suffolk, we hope you are having and continue to have a memorable Chanukkah!







CTEEN West Suffolk County





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