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Newsletter 4/20/23


What are your family's Passover traditions?




Bryce I: On the first night of Passover, my family and I get together at my grandparents’ house. We have our Seder and I do the four questions because I’m the youngest in my family. After the Seder, we eat a big meal of Matzah Ball Soup, brisket, vegetable kugel, and other dishes made by my grandma. Passover is a great time of year when I get to celebrate with my family!


Rayna K: Passover has always been an exciting holiday to me. Each year, my tradition is going

over my grandma’s house for the first two seders. Usually the first seder, all of my cousins are there but on the second seder my sister and I are the only kids. My cousins and I did the Four Questions together and it was nice to see some of the younger kids participate throughout the seder. This Passover was very uplifting as there were new occurrences and I learned a lot about my family history. For the first time, I turned off my phone for three days over Passover which I have never done before- hopefully a new tradition to me. By having my phone off, I got to enjoy life and make life-long memories. Additionally, my family and I invited our neighbor to the second seder and she was so happy to be there with us on Passover. On that night, my grandma told me a little bit about her childhood Passover seders and where her family lived. She grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn until about 8 years old and moved to Forest Hills shortly after until she was married. Her uncle worked as an internist in Williamsburg helping out much of the Orthodox community. She walked to shul and kept a kosher home, she still keeps a kosher home today. When I was helping put together a dessert plate for the seder, she said that during Passover she had one candy shop called Bartons in Forest Hills with candies for the holiday. She never had a wide range of kosher for Passover food growing up. Today, I am very fortunate to enjoy kosher for Passover foods like chocolate covered matzah and ice cream. Interestingly enough, I find out that her grandmother, my great-great grandmother, grew up being Orthodox which is so special to me. Reflecting back, I cherish these memories with family.


Talia M: Passover is by far my favorite holiday and the best part os the seder. Every year my family and I walk into my aunts house where we find two tables: the main table and a little table with 6 place settings to seat the kids, the kids table is the reason I love the seder. My cousins and I spend the whole night talking and making jokes. I ask the four questions, we sing, and we eat.  While we all eat dinner i sneak up to my uncle and steal the afikomen to hid, no one ever finds it so i always win. I love passover so much because its time i get to spend laughing and seeing my family, its a tradition i look forward to every year.


Abbey S: My family and I have Seders for the first two nights of Passover. We celebrate with our distant family and spend quality time together.


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