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Newsletter 3/9/23

Cteen West Suffolk Newsletter:

Wow! I am truly amazed by the 15th International Shabbaton! There was such a special feeling that I had during the Shabbaton but also after. Now that it is over, I feel more connected to my Judaism than ever before. This Shabbaton reminded me that my Judaism is my identity and I will always wear the proudly. I am going to really dedicate time to lighting Shabbat candles on Friday nights and say the Shemah before I go to sleep. I met so many amazing teens that I feel like I have known for a lifetime. All the activities and events during the Shabbaton was unbelievable and I really noticed this year how much work went into all of it. This Shabbaton changed me in so many ways possible and I am so grateful for that! 

-Abbey Strent, CTeen West Suffolk Leader


Upcoming CTeen Events:

Saturday March 11 at 8:00pm - Cafe Chabad Babysitting


Sunday March 12 at 4:00pm - Starbucks and Study


Thursday March 24 - Exciting Event


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