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Newsletter 4/27/23

Last week (4/21-4/23), CTeen West Suffolk and other amazing CTeen chapters met up in Washington D.C for an amazing Shabbaton! Below are some of our very own feedback!


Bryce I: I had an amazing time at this year’s DC Shabbaton! It was such a special thing to be able to experience. Since this was my first Shabatton, I was hesitant about going and I didn’t know what to expect. I would never have guessed that I would have as amazing of an experience as I did. If I told myself when I first started CTeen I would have not only signed up for a Shabatton and had an amazing time, I would not have believed myself. I got to learn so much about myself and my Jewishness. I met new friends from other CTeen chapters and I got to grow closer with the people from my own chapter. I saw many cool sites in DC and had a great trip experiencing them with my friends. This is definitely an experience that I will always remember and be grateful that I got to go on this great trip. I can’t wait to go to other Shabbatons in the future!


Abbey S: I had such a memorable time on the D.C Shabbaton this year! I met amazing new people and connected with people I already knew. Every Shabbaton I learn something new and it was special going to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. I encourage anyone who is thinking about attending a Shabbaton to go, it is an unbelievable and once in a lifetime experience.


Breanna A: This past weekend was amazing! I learned so much and met so many new people. I got to mingle with new friends on the bus and learn tons (from Ken). Once we arrived we got a wonderful presentation about antisemitism, it was so inspiring. We then went exploring Georgetown which was really cool. Next, went to the hotel to prepare for Shabbos and it was an amazing Shabbos. There was never a dull moment . I did a teen talk and so many people stated that they were inspired by me which was amazing. I learned Hebrew and took on a mitzvah. I got to give my brother an Aleah as well! These new friendships will last a lifetime. We went peddleboating and it was amazing so so much fun. We went to the holocaust museum as well which was so sad but a wonderful learning experience. We then had lunch with our friends and said our final good byes. The bus ride home was fun but tiring. Non stop conversations and snacks but very long, I didn’t mind though! I love all my new friends and can’t wait to reunite with them! Jewish and proud forever ❤️❤️


Jordana E: This past weekend Cteen traveled to Washington celebrate Shabbat in our nation’s capital. On Friday we all traveled near and far to go to D.C. As soon as we got off the bus we did some shopping for a few minutes, then we went to a Chabad to see the other Chapters and to hear some speakers.Then we went to check in into the hotel and found out who we were sharing rooms with. I shared a room with Abbey, Hannah and Taty and it was amazing! Then it was Friday night and it was Shabbat and all the girls lit Shabbat candles in my mind. I felt like we were all connected without our phones. During Shabbat I hung out with some people from our chapter and some not from our chapter. After 25 hours without being on our phones we got them back and then we were off to do havdalah in the Lincoln Memorial and that was breathtaking and then after that we were off to Sky Zone and that was really fun and sweaty. And then our last day of the Shabbaton we all woke up mildly early to go paddle boarding and that was out of this world. I am very anxious to go but very excited! In my boat were my new friends Rae and Lielle and Hannah and I were in the boat with me. At first I was a little nervous but Lielle said “You're gonna love it there’s nothing to be afraid of” and in fact I ended up absolutely loving every second of the boat ride. And finally we all went to holocaust Museum and I took everything in. I was shocked that I saw 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust. Then we had lunch and said goodbye to the others, then came the 7 hour bus ride that turned into a 9 1/2 hour bus ride overall, I will never forget this experience. 

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