Jewish Music 

At CTeen West Suffolk, we love listening to Jewish music! Below is a list of one of our leaders, Rayna K, favorite Jewish music. Enjoy!

1) Hashem Melech- by Gad and Beni Elbaz
2) מהפכה של שמחה- by Omer Adam and Lior Narkis
3) I Can Be- by Yaakov Shwekey
4) Proud Jew- by Yossi Rodal
5) Thank you Hashem- by Joey Newcomb
6) One Day- by Matisyahu
7) אימפריה- by Eve and Lear
8) Sof Shavua- Café Shahor Hazak
9) מחרוזת- by Haim Israel
10) קוקובומבה- by Peled