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5 Reasons You Should Join CTeen

CTeen West Suffolk is an exciting Jewish youth group in Suffolk County. We pride ourselves on having a group where every Jewish teen can feel right at home. Our events include everything from humanitarian events and inspirational Jewish classes to snow tubing and trips to Six Flags. There are at least as many reasons to join CTeen West Suffolk as there are CTeen members (over 50), but here are the top five reasons:

1. Make New Friends

CTeen is first and foremost a group where every Jew is welcome. Whenever somebody new arrives, CTeen members are excited to meet them and build a connection. Many people who feel lost in school find a circle of close friends here at CTeen West Suffolk. There is no such thing as enemies or cliques here. CTeen West Suffolk is one big family.

2. Participate in Fun Events

CTeen West Suffolk has an incredible variety of fun events. Every year we start with an amazing kickoff barbeque where everyone gets to know each other and maybe even throw paint at one another. We have taken trips to Skyzone, gone snow tubing, and played Laser Tag. We also have had impressive magicians, mind readers, and jugglers come to The Chai Center for events. Watch a summary of last year's events here ( and make sure to look at our calendar of upcoming events.

3. Give Back.

One of the most rewarding parts of CTeen is helping others and working to provide for those that aren't as fortunate. CTeen West Suffolk has raised money for causes such as The Friendship Circle for children with Special Needs, and Chai Lifeline, a summer camp for children with cancer. However, CTeen doesn't just raise money. We also do hands-on community service, such as cooking for families in need, visiting a local old age home, collecting coats and toys, and gathering supplies and food for Hurricane victims in Texas. CTeen West Suffolk is a great place to give back meaningfully with your closest friends.

4. Connect with Your Jewishness

With a strong network of Jewish friends, everyone here feels proud to be a Jew. CTeen West Suffolk also has inspiring, discussion-based lessons that both educate and motivate. Some of our teens have started to do amazing things, such as wearing a kippah to school, due to the inspiration they received in CTeen. These motivational programs teach CTeeners to be leaders wherever they go.

5. Meet People from All Over the World

One of the highlights in the CTeen calender is the International Shabbaton that takes place every year in February. The International Shabbaton is a weekend in New York City that brings together over 2,000 Jewish teens from countries such as Israel, Romania, Singapore, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, England, etc., as well as teens from all across the United States. The programs for the Shabbaton include educational programs, giant Shabbos dinners, and an amazing concert in the center of Times Square. Words cannot describe how fun this weekend is, but maybe this video does a little better.

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